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Our recent QTP online training series with 25+ in-depth tutorials is helping many readers to get started in QTP. After this series we have received many requests to cover HP Quality Center tutorials.

So from today, we are starting QC tutorial series. This will be HP ALM/QC test management software online training in 7 in-depth tutorials. Again, Swati Seela, our guest author for QTP, is helping us for these tutorials.

Course Curriculum

Quality Center Course Content
Introduction to HP Quality Center (HP ALM) 00:00:00
Quality Center Installation guide 00:00:00
Requirements and Release Cycle Management 00:00:00
Creating and Managing Test Cases 00:00:00
Executing Test Cases Using ALM/QC 00:00:00
Adding Defects and other miscellaneous topics 00:00:00
Project Analysis Using the Dashboard Tools 00:00:00

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