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Course Curriculum

SAP Security Concepts
1.Introduction to SAP Security 00:00:00
2.User Master Record 00:00:00
3.Authorization Check 00:00:00
4.Select Authorization Concept 00:00:00
SAP User Maintenance
1.User Types in SAP R 3 00:00:00
2.User Maintenance in SAP R3 00:00:00
3.Login Profile Parameters 00:00:00
SAP Role Concept, Design and Maintenance
1.Roles and Authorizations in SAP 00:00:00
2.Parent and Derived Roles 00:00:00
3.Composite Roles 00:00:00
SAP ECC Security
1.Organizational Levels in SAP 00:00:00
2.Authorization Groups 00:00:00
3.Security Tables 00:00:00
4.Critical Basis Authorizations 00:00:00
5.Custom Auth Objects 00:00:00
6.Default Users in SAP 00:00:00
7.SAP Delivered Checks 00:00:00
8.SAP Profile Reconciliation – PFUD 00:00:00
9.SAP ABAP Security 00:00:00
SAP Security on HANA
1.Creating Users in HANA Studio 00:00:00
2.User Administration in SAP HANA 00:00:00
3.Role Concept 00:00:00
4.Authentication in SAP HANA 00:00:00
5.Authorization Methods in SAP HANA 00:00:00
6.Auditing in SAP HANA 00:00:00
SAP Security Reporting
1.SAP User Information System 00:00:00
Security Support and Troubleshooting - Tips and Tricks
1.Display Auth Data in SU53 00:00:00
2.ST01 Trace in Security 00:00:00
SAP Upgrades
1.SU24 Maintain Check Indicators 00:00:00
2.Copy Check Indicators – SU25 00:00:00
SAP AS JAVA Security
1.SAP AS JAVA Security 00:00:00
2.Portal Permissions 00:00:00
3.UME SAP User Management 00:00:00
4.UME SAP Roles Mangement 00:00:00
5.SAP UME Group Management 00:00:00
SAP Business Objects Security
1.Central Management Console – CMC 00:00:00
2.Creating Users and Groups in CMC 00:00:00
3.Access Levels 00:00:00
SAP Technical Know how to Manage SAP Security
1.Central User Administration – CUA 00:00:00
2.Maintain T-Code using SE93 00:00:00
3.SU10 – Mass User Maintenance in SAP 00:00:00
SAP Conclusion
1.Conclusion 00:00:00

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